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with Jackie Chen - by James and Ling(中英班学生作业展示)
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with Jackie Chen - by James and Ling(中英班学生作业展示)


Reporter: Hi, Jackie Chan. Would you mind doing an interview with me?

Chan: I'd like to. Go ahead!

R: When and where were you born?

C: I was born in 1954. Victoria Peak.

R: OK! You have so many fans. What do you think of them?

C: Yeah. first, I want to say thanks to them. They gave me so much encouragement. I'm so happy. I think I should do my work better than before. That's all. Thanks!

R: Oh. The last questions. Why are you working so well? Do you have some reasons?

C: er, I think the most important of things is my being brave. I can never give up my work. Yes, I think so!

R: OK! Talk more about your everyday life. What's your favorite food?

C: I usually eat eggs, milk and bread for breakfast and eat chicken for lunch. Above all, I think my favorite food is chicken.

R: Yes. I like chicken, too! HaHa. OK. The last questions. When did you get married?

C: Ten years ago. My son is five years old now! I'm so happy that I have such a family. I will say thanks to my wife, too.

R: OK. You are a good man and movie star! I hope you will be better than before.

C: Thank you for you wish! Oh. I have no more time. Nice talking to you! Bye!

R: Bye!